Ready to Reconcile? Four Ways to Decide

In my studies with hundreds of people who experienced family estrangements (described in a new book), I learned that uncertainty and ambivalence permeate their experience. For many individuals in family rifts, questions nag at them daily (and nightly): “Is it right to live with estrangement?” “What do I risk by trying to reconcile?”...

3 Ways Families Can Survive the Election – Without a Rift

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past five years writing about how to overcome family rifts and estrangement. So, it’s no surprise that people frequently ask me: “How can I get through this election without my family falling apart?” An epidemic of family feuds has broken out, pitting President Trump and Joe Biden supporters against one...

Harry and Meghan’s Estrangement Explained

To hear the press tell the story, the romance of Prince Harry and the actress Meghan Markle had the makings of a fairy tale. The prince, after years of rowdy army life, was ready to settle down. One of the most eligible men in the world, he falls head over heels for a commoner (and an American). A wedding occurs in Disney-like splendor that was...