On Loving Your Aging Body

I know some people who seem to learn things about life in a gradual, progressive way. Over time, they get ideas, gain insights from books they read and people they talk to, accumulate experiences – then they discover that they have changed. They feel they have achieved better understanding during this slow process and it’s made them a  better...

How to Talk to your Aging Parents about Key Life Changes—and Plan for Your Own

I joined journalist Beth Saulnier for a discussion about an issue many Gen Xers are facing now: How to help their parents cope with the challenges of aging - from where to live to whether it's time to stop driving. Take a look and see what you...

Animated Oscar Films: A Springboard for Family Discussions

The family-friendly Oscar nominees for Best Animated Feature (Encanto, Luca, Raya and the Last Dragon, and The Mitchells and the Machines) focus on families that are fractured or in danger of fracturing. These films also involve the heroic efforts of one or more members to hold the family together and bring about reconciliation. I recommend...